Publishing Success Stories


(in alphabetical order by author’s last name)


Barbara J. Allen (historical romance)

PHANTOM Out of the Shadows

A new take on a timeless romance…the phantom of the Paris opera.


Frank Atchley (police procedural, mystery)

A Birthday to Die For

A detective saves a girl from becoming the next sacrificial victim of a satanic cult.


J. W. Becker (SciFi /horror, a post-apocalyptic series)

Dust, Bones and the Forever

Journey Toward the Forever

Running Into the Forever

Dead Is Forever

A beast comes to Earth to feast on human blood for sustenance. A young doctor hides himself and his adopted family of young children from annihilation.


Brian Bresee

Illuminated Knights (A young man’s out-of-this world odyssey)

The discovery of family secrets reveals great mysteries and forbidden knowledge.


Vincent Cannata (Murder, suspense)

The Enigma of David’s Toe

(Renaissance art, past life experiences, and art terrorism lead to murder and suicide in modern-day Florence, Italy)


Mike Canon (pseudonym)

An Orphan’s Treasure

A young couple gets involved with mobsters while searching for treasure buried at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge.


Ralph Cates (Suspense, political thriller)

Black October

A former CIA operative just released from a Saudi prison and the Saudi Intelligence Minister join forces to stop al Queda from destroying the prolific eastern Saudi oil facilities—the life blood of the world’s economies.The Phoenix Agenda

CIA operative Kurt Valdez is reassigned from Afghanistan to the Southwest U.S. because of heightened cross-border infiltration. Terrorist activities are being ruthlessly crushed worldwide. The organizations must make one last, desperate statement on U.S. soil.


Charles Clotfelter (Alien encounter)

We Aquatus

Wealthy family is visited by a tiny alien, who provides high technology and assistance to save the planet Earth.


Jeffrey Cruden (suspense, murder)

The Perfume Alibi

The Ice Cream Shoppe

Two down-on-their luck character actors moonlight as cold-blooded killers-for-hire.


D. N. Curran (A love story set in Scotland)

Peggy, The Story of a Wee Horse

A gentle, loving lady and a very smart little horse come together in a story of hope and happiness.

Full Military Honors

A U.S. Army sharpshooter becomes a Cold War spy, assassin, and a drug lord in Vietnam’s Golden Triangle.


Paul Czuchra (murder mystery)

The Oddsmakers

A million dollar “bet of a lifetime” on an NCAA basketball playoff game spells murder in Las Vegas.


T. R. Dowden (Suspense, murder mystery)


Art theft leads to murder and revenge for a New Orleans crime family.

Delaware Blues

Convicted felon Delaware Wilson and FBI special agent have 72 hours to find the murderer of a museum curator and recover a 100-carat diamond.


Robert Fejer (Children’s story)

Adventures of the Ant

(Toneeo has the adventure of a lifetime when gets caught in a spider web, is rescued by a mosquito, and makes a new friend.)


Richard Gangale (Coming of age)

The Master Puppeteer

In 1916, two Italian boys emigrate from Naples, Italy to New York and lead totally different lives as they pursue the American dream.


Joseph Thomas Gatrell (Murder mystery)


 A boxing promoter searches for clues to his wife’s murder and avoids becoming entangled in a locker room bet  

Michael Hazard (High seas adventure)

The Sea’s Fury Rescue at Point Serenity

Coast Guard rescue swimmer saves lives in the freezing waters of Alaska.


Felicia Jensen (Romance, young adult)

Hadrian’s Wall

An 18-year old orphan is attacked by a mythical creature and then rescued by a wealthy young doctor who is not what he appears to be.


Dee Kay (Mature Romance)

A Matter of Understanding

Love lost, love found, then lost again.


Kirsten Kelly (Fantasy)


The King’s illegitimate daughter becomes a warrior to defend her father’s throne.


Frank W. Lewis (a “pre-Wild West” series, historical adventures)

The Gold Rush 1847 – 1849 (set in California)

The Merry Queen 1838 – 1839 (set in New Orleans and Texas)

All Across Texas Bents Fort to Galveston • 1837 (set in Texas)

Frontier Marauders (set in Texas and Mexico)

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Georgia Lowe (20th century U.S. history, based on an actual event)

The Bonus

Washington, D.C., 1932. A newspaper reporter joins a Veterans march on the U.S. Capitol to get the bonus promised them for their military service in WWI.)


Lawrence Montaigne (Suspense, thriller)

The Guardian List

Priest/assassin metes out justice.

The Barrel of Death (1920s Motorcycle racing)

WWI vet defies death when he becomes a daredevil stunt rider in a carnival attraction.


Jay Overly (Vietnam War trilogy)

Red Dust

The horror and truth of the Vietnam War told in gritty, realistic detail, by one soldier-medic whose life was forever changed by the experience.

Rogue Medics

Three American medics return to Saigon one year after the NVA seized control. Their mission: liberate one double-agent imprisoned in a Communist “re-education camp.”

Combat Medics

What’s it like to walk through Hell and survive? Ask those who survived the Vietnam War. They saw the elephant and lived to tell about it in gritty, heart-rending detail.


Chester Parks (Mafia stories)

Comare (The Godmother)

New York Mob women get revenge.

Hangar #3

Son of New York mobster moves to Las Vegas to open a luxury spa for high rollers.

Vampire in the Vatican

Someone is embezzling money from the Catholic Church and tries to kill the Pope.


Bernadette Y. Quander (Fantasy)  

Sabre de Pleiades

Sabre, human son of King Vandro of the planet Moreipa goes to Earth to help his spirit brother become human.


Deborah Robillard (A love story)

The Crickets Dance

By following the clues written in a plantation owner’s daughter’s journal, a woman helps solve a 150-year old mystery and finds the love and family she’s always wanted.


Marian Lane Schwenn (Chick lit)

Killing Mr. Rockefeller

A newspaper reporter’s picture-perfect life is unceremoniously wadded up and tossed under the steamroller of life when her notorious predecessor, Fallon Foxe—former lover of the late Nelson Rockefeller—returns to work for the newspaper.


Robin T. Shea (Fantasy, humor)

ARBOIS (A Winter’s Trials and Tribulations)

“Mr. Bean” style humor starring a village priest, witches, and ghosts in the French Alps.


Jackie T. Shirley (Stories of young American women in 1950s-1970s)

Gina, the Queen Bee

Gina starts an all-women Harley-Davidson motorcycle club.

Running the Table (The Story of Tama Thunder)

Tama Thunder rocks the world of women’s professional billiards

The Changeling Princess

The Supreme Entity charges a newly empowered changeling with the task of hunting demons that have entered her universe over the past 10,000 years and kill them.


Lou Stanley

Through the Eyes of a Criminal

Retired technology expert commits kidnappings for ransom and murder to avenge the inhumane treatment and torture he endured during his incarceration as a juvenile offender.


Clarence Robert Tower (Wild West history)

The Adventures of Zack Gentry, A Tongue-in-Cheek History of the Opening of the West

A fictional hero meets real people and witnesses historical events in his travels.


Ernie Webb (American history, political fiction)

Joshua Freeman

A runaway slave becomes a free man and joins a wagon train heading west.

The Best Government Money Can Buy

A corrupt U.S. Senator becomes a sniper in Washington, D.C.


Robert Whitfield (Literary fiction)

Some Other Time, Some Other Place

Dramatic disintegration of a marriage in post-Vietnam America




Linda Baker (Self-help, self-esteem)

Creating a Love Box

An instructional book for building self-esteem, self worth, and a positive mental outlook.


Johnny Carter (Memoir/High School Basketball)

The First Season (The True Story of How a Rookie Coach Took a Newly Integrated Team to a Texas State Championship)


Kenneth L. Chastain, Jr. (Memoir)

Winged History, The Life and Times of Kenneth L. Chastain, Aviator


Charles R. Clotfelter (Memoir)

The Price of Their Souls

The Truth About Howard Hughes and Those Who Betrayed Him


Paul Czuchra (Treatise on sportsbetting in America)

May The Odds Be With Us, Legal Segregation in America


John J. Duffy

Chromosome 23

(Poetry by U.S. Army (retired) Vietnam vet.)


Joseph Thomas Gatrell


A Political History of Blue Island, Volume I: 1920-1965

Historical overview of Blue Island, IL


Willma Willis Gore (Memoir)

Iron Grip


Zoe Roxanne Ztarr/Kakas (Self-help, fitness, self-esteem)

MINDMUSCLE A Simple, Realistic Guide to Physical, Mental & Spiritual Fitness

P.S. You're Already Beautiful (You Just Don't Know It!)

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Valerie Lee (Pre-trial interview with convicted serial killer)

A Long Way to Death Row (From many years of candid interviews with interviews with Charles Chi-Tat Ng) 


James Logsdon (based on real events)

The Soul of Black Mountain, Nevada

(Scientists setting up equipment on mountain in Southern Nevada are possessed by spirits.)


Mark Million (memoir, tell all)

A Man’s World The Shocking Truths Women Need to Know About the Male Code


Treyce Montoya


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Steve Murray (Reiki Master)

REIKI (The Ultimate Guide) (multi-volume series)

Vol. 2: Learn Reiki Healing with Chakras

Vol. 3: Learn New Reiki Aura Attunements

Vol. 4: Past Lives & Soul Retrieval

Vol. 5: Learn Psychic Attunements

Reiki False Beliefs Exposed for All

Animal Psychic Communication, Plus Reiki Pet Healing

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Some titles are available in DVD)


Irene Nickelburg

Remembering Volhynia

A compelling story of tragedy and triumph, a passionate true account of two families' struggles to survive the conflagration that was WWII.


Chester Parks (Memoir)

Life in the Old Neighborhood…and Beyond

Growing up in Chicago in early 1900s


Dennis E. Rusk (Self-studied, organic architect)

Death of American Architecture

The death toll of the spirit of American architecture rings monotonously as artistic endeavors of architectural design melt into mediocrity.


Anthony J. Sabatello (Memoir)

My Kind of Town Excerpts of a Copper’s Life

 The real life experiences of a Chicago cop during the early 1960s.


Emilia Bazan Salazar, RN, BSN

Alzheimer's Activities That Stimulate the Mind

A caregiver’s guide for activities that produce maximum mental stimulation for persons living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. 


Robin Shea (Real life adventure)

Oh Boy, It’s Hot! 

(Former U.K. cop becomes a truck driver during construction boom in 1970s Saudi Arabia.)


Ralph Taranto (Self-help, informative overview of consumer-related topics)

We, the People, Taking America Back


Bill Thurston (Science, Technology)

Really? Wow! An extraordinary projection of what will become of the human race.


Clarence Robert Tower (Memoir, California history)

Seventy Years in the Silicon Valley An Anecdotal History

Growing up in California’s Silicon Valley in early 1900s.

The Life of a Teddy Bear Family (children’s story)

A very special teddy bear family has three very special adventures. They go fishing, to the County Fair, and on a ride to take photographs. They are special teddies because they have been given the gift of life.


John G. Weihaupt, Ph.D. (Antarctic exploration, history, cartography)

Of Maps and Men The Mysterious Discovery of Antarctica

History was changed with the discovery of the Orontius Finaeus map of 1531, which pre-dates by almost 300 years the 1821 map that memorialized the “discovery” of the Southern continent.

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